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Monthly Archives: April, 2016

9 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion When You Have Depression

When you’re struggling with depression, the last thing you want to do is be self-compassionate. But this is precisely what can help. Sourced through from: When you’re struggling … Continue reading

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4 Core Mind Habits Helped by Mindfulness

What is your Mind Habit? Habits become autopilot when they are 1) in some way rewarding (increase pleasure or decrease pain) and 2) practice Sourced through from: Great … Continue reading

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Sneaky Rumination: Replaying Conversations in My Head

After you speak to someone, even if they’re not a stranger, do you find yourself replaying the conversation in your head afterwards? Do you pore over what you s Sourced … Continue reading

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Self-Appreciation: The Flip Side of Self-Compassion – Neff

Sometimes it’s more difficult to see what’s right about ourselves than what’s wrong. For some of us even thinking about our positive traits makes us uncomfortable. Sourced through from: … Continue reading

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Overcome These Five Obstacles to Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice – Mindful

Elisha Goldstein suggests ways you can sustain your mindfulness practice in the face of difficulties. Sourced through from: Barriers are gateways to develop your practice. See on … Continue reading

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The Secrets to a Happy Life, From a Harvard Study

Strong relationships with friends, and especially spouses, may protect you against chronic disease and mental decline, and other lessons from the Harvard Study of Adult Development. Sourced through from: … Continue reading

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Unloved Daughters: 4 Tips to Make Self-Compassion Easier

Why is it so hard to turn off that critical voice in your head? Taking a close look at self-criticism—and how self-compassion can help. Sourced through from: Why … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Start Practicing Self-Compassion — Even If You Believe You’re Undeserving

For many of us being kind to ourselves is hard. It’s hard even when we’re struggling — and need compassion most. Instead, we get mad. We tell ourselves to buc … Continue reading

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