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Monthly Archives: February, 2016

How Compassion Leads to Success – Mindful

An introduction to Lovingkindness meditation from Sharon Salzberg and Dan Harris Sourced through from: Loving kindness makes us happier. See on – Living Mindfulness & Compassion Advertisements

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Why It’s Important to Show Yourself Some Compassion

A bad habit that many of us share is that we trash talk a lot…to ourselves. Recognizing our mistakes can be healthy and productive, but constantly thinking nothing we do … Continue reading

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Taking Tension Out of Attention – Mindful

Chris McKenna suggests ways to go from tense and strained to relaxed and focused. Sourced through from: Check the effort and attitude. See on – Living Mindfulness … Continue reading

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The Fly

Animated student short inspired by Asian philosophy, a samurai seeks inner peace. But as he tries to rid himself of distractions, he discovers that they seem… Sourced through from: … Continue reading

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Self-Compassion, Part I: After Trauma

What is compassion? How can we show compassion to ourselves and others? Begin by ditching judgment and practicing acceptance. Sourced through from: Traumatised people can have fear of … Continue reading

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Waking Up: Dan Harris + Sam Harris Sourced through from: Great talk about self concept from Dan Harris.

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Sharon Salzberg: Connect with Kindness – Mindful

Feeling disconnected? Try this loving-kindness practice. Sourced through from: spend few minutes with yourself in mind for self compassion practice. See on – Living Mindfulness & Compassion

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The Three Parts of an Effective Apology – Mindful

“I’m sorry” isn’t enough—Christine Carter explains what else needs to be said. Sourced through from: Mindfulness is about taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions. See on … Continue reading

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There is No ‘I’: How the Brain Creates the Narratives of Your Life | Big Think

Your brain creates all the narratives in your life, but it’s possible to train yourself to transcend the mind’s innate urge to storify everything. Sourced through from: Learn … Continue reading

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Here’s How Meditation Reduces Inflammation And Prevents Disease

A new study reveals the neurobiological effects of the practice. Sourced through from: See on – Living Mindfulness & Compassion

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