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Monthly Archives: May, 2015

How Meditation Helps Me Deal With Anxiety | Mindful

After 15 years of meditation, Ed Halliwell says he regularly draws on the practice to help maintain a healthy balance between work and life. Source: See on – … Continue reading

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Take in the Good – Dr. Rick Hanson

Do Positive Experiences “Stick to Your Ribs?” The Practice Take in the good. Why? Scientists believe that your brain has a built-in “negativity bias.” In other words, as we evolved … Continue reading

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What Does Mindfulness Meditation Do to Your Brain?

No fear MRI scans show that after an eight-week course of mindfulness practice, the brain’s “fight or flight” center, the amygdala, appears to shrink. This primal region of the brain, … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Beats Exercise, Healthy Diet in Resistant MDD

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is better than a healthy exercise and nutrition intervention in reducing treatment-resistant depression and has positive changes in areas of the brain linked to depression. Source: http://www.medscape.comContinue reading

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Hooked on Anti-Depressants – Mindfulness Meditation Centre | Birmingham | Solihull | Leamington | Stratford

antidepressant prescriptions soar to 50m a year Source: I discussed this with participants last evening during Week 3 MBCT course – I couldn’t remember the name ‘hedonic treadmill’ – … Continue reading

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Mindfulness in the Middle of the Mall

Brenda teaches mindfulness to the public in the middle of Selfridge’s Department Store in support of the Work It Hub campaign to promote self development Source: #mindfulness #birmingham #selfridgesxworkit

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Einstein & the Art of Mindful Cycling

It’s no wonder the bicycle is often called the best invention in history, writes Ben Irvine, author of Einstein & The Art of Mindful Cycling. Source: “On a bicycle, … Continue reading

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Let GPs offer mindfulness meditation to patients, say experts

one in four (29 per cent) of Britons regularly suffers from stress. Source: Mindfulness is cost-effective and the only side effect is health and wellbeing – let’s make a … Continue reading

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Mindfulness ‘as good as drugs for preventing depression relapse’ – Health News – NHS Choices

Source: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is BETTER than drugs as it’s all natural, non-addictive and the side effects are health & wellbeing.

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