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Monthly Archives: March, 2015

Mindfulness Break

Take a Mindfulness Break Infographic Source: Advertisements

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Mindfulness: Old Wisdom for Modern Times, Heart and Soul – BBC World Service

Can therapies based on these ancient techniques help modern afflictions? Source: “Mindfulness has been perhaps the most helpful approach in terms of dealing with what life throws at you.” … Continue reading

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Seven Ways Mindfulness Can Help Teachers

Patricia A. Jennings explains why teachers should cultivate moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Source:

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Think You’re Thinking? 6 Reasons to Think Again

Why your mind isn’t the steel trap you think it is. #MBCT Source: Learning about brains is cool. #MBCT See on – Mindfulness for Everyday Living

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You Need More Than a Book to Learn Loving-Kindness

A new study suggests that experience trumps intellectual knowledge when it comes to fostering compassion. Source: I always say “the practice is the teacher” now science is too.

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Mindfulness for Parents with Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn

In the rush, rush, rush of too-much-to-do-and-no-time-to-do-it, the important, nurturing aspects of parenthood can easily disappear. Even the smallest degree of mindfulness can have profound effects on children, no matter … Continue reading

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Mindfulness Is More Than Just Focus

When you spend time observing your thoughts, you start to realise that that’s all they are – thoughts. And then you notice things about them – not just their content, … Continue reading

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Want to Meditate? Leave Your Expectations at the Door | Mindful

Your goals and expectations might actually be holding you back, says Ed Halliwell. Changes from meditation come as a by-product from learning the practices themselves. Source: See on … Continue reading

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Mindfulness: What’s the POINT? | Mindful

Want to build some mindfulness practices into your day? Elisha Goldstein suggests key practices you can try right now. Source: Good quick reference for STOP and RAIN. 

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Find a course | Be Mindful

Source: Mental Health Trust website Be Mindful – Find a Course near you in Birmingham, Leamington Spa or Solihull. 

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