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Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Mindfulness 9 attitudes – introduction to the attitudes. – YouTube

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, talks about the 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness, how to use them in our Mindfulness practice and daily life. Jon is the founder of the Center… Source: reading

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Free! Mindfulness Livestream w Dan Harris & Dr. Richard Davidson

Join friends Dan Harris and Dr. Richie Davidson as they explore the science behind training your brain for happiness, good health, excellence at work, and more. Does brain training really … Continue reading

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18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

There are mantra meditations, visualization meditations, open-focus meditations, breath-based meditations and so many more. You just have to find the shoe that fits. An easy one to start with is … Continue reading

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KindSpring’s 21-Day Kindness Challenge |

For 21 days, we’ll send you one inspiring kindness idea everyday. All participants from around the globe will do the same act everyday, share stories and spread kindness together! Join … Continue reading

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Guardian Live: Ruby Wax talks mental health with Sir Colin Blakemore

Comedian Ruby Wax and neuroscientist Sir Colin Blakemore discuss depression and its effects on the brain in front of a live audience. Here are the highlights of the event, along … Continue reading

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How 7 busy women make time to meditate

When your to-do list is massive and days are crazy full, stopping to meditate isn’t exactly easy. But here’s how incredibly busy women make it happen—so you can, too. Source: … Continue reading

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Mindfulness protects adults from physical, mental health consequences of childhood abuse, neglect

Fact #1: People who were abused and neglected when they were kids have poorer physical and mental health. The more types of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) – physical abuse, an … Continue reading

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Choosing a Mindfulness Teacher – Mindfulness Meditation Centre | Birmingham | Solihull | Leamington | Stratford

What to look for when choosing a mindfulness teacher or a teacher training school. Advice to help you choose a course or trainer. Source: What to know when considering … Continue reading

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See on – Mindfulness for Everyday Living

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The Neuroscience of Resistance and How to Overcome It!

We all experience resistance everyday when we’re trying to do something that matters. Whether you want to sit and meditate, work on a new project, get out and exercise, whatever … Continue reading

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