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Monthly Archives: July, 2014

Benefits of Mindfulness – YouTube

Source: short animated video on the benefits on mindfulness I created Advertisements

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Midlands Mindfulness

Mindfulness Training in Birmingham, Stratford upon Avon, Solihull, Leamington Source: Landing site for Midlands Mindfulness Group

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Being vulnerable about vulnerability: Q&A with Brené Brown | TED Blog

At the end of 2010, a reseacher named Brené Brown gave a talk at her local TEDx event, TEDxHouston. That talk, “The Power of Vulnerability,” has since become a web-video … Continue reading

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Boris’ City Hall Staff Get Free Help To Stay Mindful

London mayor Boris Johnson may be known for bounding about the political stage in the style of a human dynamo, but his staff at City Hall are at least given … Continue reading

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Intro to Mindfulness 7: MBCT

Introduction to Mindfulness: An overview of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Source: I really appreciate that he’s pointed out that MBCT is a specific training and not just a blending … Continue reading

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The Parents Guide to Teaching Mindfulness to Your Anxious Child – Stress Free Kids

Raising an anxious child brings an acute awareness to creating calm and mindful moments as we navigate parenting an anxious child. Source: #mindfulness #children #mindful #parenting

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Want Happiness? Science Says You Should Stop Looking for It – Fulfillment Daily

By chasing happiness, you actually often chase it away. Here are 4 science-based secrets to finding (rather than losing) happiness! Source: Searching for happiness? It’s making you unhappy. It’s … Continue reading

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5 Common Errors Made in Mindfulness – Mindfulness Meditation Centre | Solihull | Leamington Spa

The following describes the errors made in mindfulness and how to correct them. Source: Five common errors students of mindfulness make and considerations for how to correct this. See … Continue reading

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How to Use Mindfulness to Work With Difficult Emotions: A Six Step Process


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» Mindfulness for Mind-Blowing Sex: 5 Practices – The Psychology of Success

Five simples practices to enhance your sexual connection.


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