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Autopilot: Being vs Doing

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Everyone has things to do. We have our life to manage, households to run, careers and work to do and all the other stuff like socializing and hobbies we do in our time when we are not doing everything else. We love to do stuff!

Thing is we are human beings, not human doings and you can learn to bring more being into your doing by becoming more aware of yourself. By learning to switch from doing  mode to being mode, you can conserve your energy, experience more fulfillment and peace of mind.

Here are five tips to switch to being mode from doing mode.

1. Avoid multi-tasking – Just do one thing at one time, with full and undivided attention and engage whatever you are doing fully. You can move on to the next task as soon as you have finished and you will conserve mental energy giving you more energy to complete more in the long run.

2. Set your phone or download a free app to your phone that will chime and remind you to take a mindful moment each hour. It takes a few seconds to get out of your mind and into your life. You can increase awareness by reminding yourself with hourly pause. Stop, take a deep breath, observe yourself and your environment, proceed.

3. When moving or walking from place to place, feel the full experience of your feet in your shoes on the ground and the rhythm of the pace of your walk. Notice your thinking about this as your notice it all.

4. When eating, take a few moments to notice the food, the smells, the texture, the flavors. Chew slowly, notice how many chews it takes before you swallow. Notice the feeling of the food moving from your mouth to your gut. Pause halfway through your meal. How does it feel? When finished notice how your body feels.

5. Rather than killing time, engage your awareness. Notice everything you can see, hear, taste, touch, smell and your thoughts. Feel how your body feels at that moment. Notice any judgments you are making. Is your mind active in thinking? Notice what you notice.

Introducing these five simple tips will help you develop awareness of yourself and take yourself from autopilot mode to active awareness. ,


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