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New Mindfulness Courses Running in Leamington Spa & Solihull

In today’s modern life people have to handle multiple tasks in the home front and also in their professional life. There is cut-throat competition everywhere and people are often deprived of the finer things of life and also they are always in a hurry to be the first in the rat race. Stress keeps soaring in their lives; they become slaves to faulty food habit and faulty lifestyle. This takes a serious toll on their health and numerous psychological and health issues crop up quite at a young age. Taking the help of a qualified mindfulness teacher can be a way to tackle these issues.

Brenda Bentley is a certified mindfulness teacher. Her 10 years long experience in this field adds an edge to her skills and draws clients to her clinics. She has set up the Mindlands Mindfulness Centre based in Royal Leamington Spa.

The centre is based out of the  The Cloisters in Leamington Spa and offers people with mindfulness based stress reduction MBSR and mindfulness based cognitive therapy courses which run weekly. Mindfulness is fast growing in popularity as an approach that can instill self-determination, self discovery and help with pain and managing many problematic concerns such as confidence, self esteem, bad habits  like smoking, drinking, eating wrong foods, over spending, oversleeping etc. In other words through mindfulness a positive change in life can be brought about.

Brenda Bentley is offering of introductory class on ‘Mindfulness for Positive Living’ and the scheduled date for the course is scheduled for Saturday, 8th of June, 2013 from 10am to 12pm. The course is also set for Solihull from 1pm to 3pm. Those who wish to take advantage of this course and learn more about the benefits of mindfulness should immediately register for the course. To get more information or register visit


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